Jesus Lesson Daily Protection

Heart Fires of Protection

Heart Fires of protection penetrate and hold,
Our loved ones in protection bold.

Cleanse us, lift us, ground us deep,
Eternal Vigil now we keep. (3x)

Saint Germain and Virgin Mary Dear,
Violet laser erase all fear,

Of all illusions that we see.
Michael descends and cuts us free. (3x)

So, children, stretch, create and dance,
We know our work is now enhanced,
Our missions lift above the Earth plane,
Our rights, abundance and blessings we claim.

I Am whole, rich, youthful and free.
I create my life to live in thee.

This prayer we call to be multiplied one trillion times each time it is given.
Thank you, God.

Mother-Father God, Supreme Mother. It is so done.

Lord Maitreya Dharma Sangha
tream through Mother Mary McChrist

From  “13 Lessons from Jesus Christ”

© 2014 - 2020 by Mary McChrist. All Rights Reserved.


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