The Mother’s Prayer

    Our Father which art in Heaven,

Our Mother who is the Earth,

Hallowed is thy Name:

I Am That I Am


We call today, in this Holy Now,

Beyond all time and space,

For the unification of all minds,

For the dropping of the Mind

into the Holy Heart of the Mother.


Thy Will is done –

Thy Queendom – Kingdom is Here,

On Earth united with Heaven.

Om Christ, Om Mother, Om Buddha.

All One Now and Forever.

Infinite Divine World

I Am That I Am.

Now and forever – World – Heaven United and Free;

    • In Loving-Kindness and Pure forgiveness of all past.
  • World without END.  Earth Now Divine!

Lord Buddha and the Maitreya – Mary and Ram Buddha Heart Stream Mary McChrist 5-13-19 3:55 A  

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