Nothing Can Touch Me

Nothing can touch me,

I Am One with God,

Nothing can touch me,

I Am in the arms of Absolute Protection.


Nothing can touch me

I Am surrounded by the Father God.

I wear the invincible armor of Michael.

Because I Am One with Christ Michael.

Because I hold Infinite Protection,

Enfolding and enshrining my I Am Presence.


I Am the Father, the Mother, I Am That I Am.

Thank you perfect, Immaculate Self,

I Am That I Am, the Victory of the One

 VIM, VIM, VIM. (Victory to the Mother)

VIF. VIF, VIF. (Victory to the Father)

So be it. So mote it be. Nothing can touch me.

Lord Mary Buddha
My Higher Self
 2012-2021 by Mary McChrist


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