A Message From Our Mother & Important Dates in December

Dearest Children,

I am Lord Mary, Mother of Christ Jesus,

The company of Heaven stands ready to receive me as the Divine Mother of us all,

II project my LOVE down into the Earth and in doing so, open the waiting hearts of all people. They maybe awake or asleep. It matters not.. My eternal Love enfolds all upon Mother Earth, preparing them to receive their Mother’s greatest gift - LOVE..

“The Immaculate Concept “is celebrated tomorrow, 12-8-2020.  This means that the Divine Blueprint is open to enfold you and your family in total protection, beauty, and my Full Grace. You are now within my heart. Nothing can touch or harm you. You sweet children are perfect, healed and whole right now with full God-Power.

12-12 is the celebration of  Virgin Guadalupe. She is the Mother of all of the Americas. She will come on this day and present her gifts through Mary Clarice McChrist who was commissioned to create the book Virgin Guadalupe’s Gifts and Prayers available through Amazon. This precious book will provide you with the story of Juan Diego, wonderful Prayers, new rosaries. rituals, and healing tools which will enrich and heal your life and your loved ones. Buy this for all people you love including yourself.

As Mother Mary, I HAVE APPEARED IN DIFFERENT ELIMINATION. This means I have come to our Earth when the cries of humanity reach my abode. I come to heal and uplift all life. I come with different names, costumes, and purposes. Guadalupe is a very intimate Mother who loves to develope a personal relationship with you and your family. I am asking to open up 12-12-2020 to all people in order for you to meet Guadalupe and to receive free her teaching12:12 offering. This will happen from 10-12 PST on the Guadalupe's portal will remain open until 12-12-1-14-2021

This is a sample of the “13 Lessons with Mother Mary“ which I then hope you will join. These classes are unique to the world. I hope you will then chose to take the Lessons by Christ Jesus or By Mary, myself.

12-21, the Winter’s Solstice is very important also. Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct and appear like the original star of Bethlehem. The original star appeared as one huge star but it hid another secret star. The Christ lessons reveal many secret teachings. One of them reveals that in certain realities Jesus/Yeshua had a identical twin brother who is called Issa and was taken by the Magi Kings to the Tibetan area to be raised.

Read Magdalene’s Black Rose the Love Story of Jesus and his Beloved experience this amazing true teaching.

12-7-2020 Heart Stream Mary Clarice McChrist.

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