Mary Clarice McChrist, Mary-Ma (M.A.) is a Divine Mother, a prize-winning author of 9+ books, spiritual teacher, visionary artist, Messenger for several  Archangels, Ascended Masters, the Holy Family: Mother Mary, Christ Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Metatron, Maitreya and Saint Germain. She created one of the world’s first Ascension Centers in 1973-1978 in Santa Ana, CA. She was personally mentored to be an Official Messenger of the Spiritual Hierarchy by El Morya Khan, Ascended Master of Divine Will.  Her work as a Messenger was reconfirmed in 1993 under Mother Mary and Archangel Michael. 

Mother-Mary initiated the Mother-Matrix in 1991 in Mount Shasta through Mary-Ma. It honored Divine Mothers and Goddess of all religions and traditions. “Conclave of the Mother” brought this theme to life with another World First - August 12-15, 1994 when more than 100 people attended this event.

From 2013-2019 she worked with Dharma Sangha Maitreya Buddha of Nepal (Buddha Boy). Recently she has shifted to Lord Maitreya Sr. the coming Buddhic Avatar. Ma does a yearly Wesak Celebration for Gautama Buddha on the Full Moon of Taurus in May. Her mission is to ascend you, the Love (Christ)-Wisdom (Buddhic) Soul Band.

Mary-Ma is especially known for her Spiritual Evaluation ($175.00-$200.00*) an 8-page reading like a spiritual college course on you. Others love her Heart Chamber reading ($100.00-$150.00*) reading or her Crystal Retrieval -- reclaiming your personal chakra crystals ($300.00-$500.00*).  She also has created new Self Mastery classes. Go to her very special offering “13 Lessons with Mother Mary” & “13 Lessons With Christ Jesus” & “Michael’s Round Table” (date later) found on .

Mother’s newest home is the Temple of the Blue Rose, on twenty acres in the hills behind Yreka, CA.  Here Hearts Open, Minds Expand and Perspectives Shifts through teleconference classes, events, books, audio recordings, visionary art, music, counseling, personal and Group Experiences. Open by appointment only. Call 530-568-1106.

Mary-Ma McChrist Will also offer a Tuesday, Blue Rose World Service Prayer call from 7-8 PM PST. These are free or love offering. Call 1-------------. Bring your favorite prayers to share. We also will have a Healing Circle. This will begin in 2021.

 2021 by Mary McChrist. All Rights Reserved. Web site: E-mail: Her prize-winning Books are available on Amazon under Mary Clarice McChrist, Phone 530-568-1106.




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