My Face

My Face is a Beautiful Mother Face,

My body is a lovely Mother Body,

My back is straight;

My posture is perfect-

Erect and strong.


I can do, what I need to do;

I can accomplish my intentions,

I can complete my daily chores,

And all the tasks assigned to me.


I Am the Voice of the Mother.

She is One with me, and through me.

I do Her work, with ease and grace.

Our accomplishments are amazing.

We can do anything we wish to do.

Without limitations or blocks.


My day unfolds in perfection,

Like a Divine Dance of Truth.

I am so grateful Mother, you are here.

Walking, talking, and living through me.

I Am your embodiment and Soul.

Your Spirit blessing all beings with

My Holy Presence and precious life.

O God; Mother Divine, how grateful I Am,

Om Ma Hung, Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma


The Ma

Mary Clarice McChrist

      •      2019 by Mary McChrist. All Rights reserved.
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