The baby and young child rely heavily upon the mother for clarity and love. She has the responsibility of controlling the child’s immediate environment within the home. Of working or a homemaker she still must hold the flame for the home.

The father was meant to venture out from the center of protection (the home) and return from work with the material substance to provide for his family.

This pattern can usually no longer be followed because of financial stress created by an artificially controlled power empire. There both the working mother and the father are “polluted” and return home with greater amounts of stress.

The souls of the parents often feel the wrongness of this arrangement but seem helpless to find freedom from the financial yoke.

The higher the child’s soul the greater is the sensitivity of the vehicle. Thus, the advanced going is greatly affected by these problems. What can be done? First of all, we must be aware of this challenge. Secondly, the family, especially the parents, must consciously work together to maintain an active relationship with the center of the Self (higher self.)

Love must be renewed daily as one might dip deeply into a well to refresh the body and soul again and again. When a couple joins together, they form a protective field which overlaps. The circle of the Mother on the left and the Father on the right meet in the center. A third smaller circle which also meets in the center overlaps and links the first two parent circles.

The inner core of the family must be maintained in Stillness or God.  Meditation and or prayers bring the couple back to the center of self where Love is All.

This drinking from the same cup gives the couple the strength of purpose necessary to extend their love in opposite directions, the home and the work arena. When the Mother also works, she must be further balanced by her husband and family. If she is not, she is often physically too tired to maintain the home with her etheric flame. This flame is not only physical, but it is projected from her etheric body. The flame is a combination of her Love, Wisdom and Power.

There must be a perfect balance of Love between the husband and wife. When wisdom from the mother flame and power from the father these elements combine to maintain the “family flame“-  the family will be in harmony.

Modern times have caused great stress on the family because no one understands this process. The feminine soul automatically creates the family flame. If she is alone as in the case of a single parent the problem is multiplied.

Without the father energy she must either find a substitute, go without or replace this loss with a spiritual counterpart. This energy maybe the Holy Spirit, an ascended master or an angelic host. The twin flame may come to the rescue providing etherically the love and nurturing which is omitted by the loss of the husband even though this may not meet all the human needs of the mother and child.

Ideally a support system would come to the rescue. One purpose of a spiritual community or a center or church (the Mother-Matrix) would be to become the center for the family.

Some of our most gifted souls are now in feminine bodies. Their spiritual gifts are not fully developed because the physical being is so extreme overburdened that the full blossoming does not occur which is a misuse to them, of the offspring and to this age.

Heart Stream Mary McChrist

7-23-89 Energy added now 2020, to heal this now.

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