Welcome to the Mother-Matrix

What is the Mother-Matrix?

In 1991, Our Lady, Mother-Mary, also called Lord Mary, commissioned Mary Clarice McChrist to create with her, the Mother-Matrix. It represents the Divine Mothers of all traditions. It has nothing to do with the Matrix movies.  Each Divine Mother, of each country in our world, is part of this Matrix, even if they have never heard of it until now.

Mary McChrist was asked to head this project because she Is the Mother-Matrix. Mother Mary helped her to embody each of these mothers, one at a time, until she finally holds all of them. These Divine Mothers are not just from India, they are from all countries of this world. Collectively, they form the Mother Principle or Mother God. It is very important that all enlightened people of the world understand this. There is both the Father, and the Divine Mother, not just Father God as the patriotically wishes us to believe.

Lord Magdalene, Jesus Christ’s twin flame, is a major Divine Mother. She is often called the Black Madonna. This does not mean she is negative, but indicates she has completely healed her dark or shadow side. We must all do this shadow work or our dark side can sneak through and influence people when they are not suspecting this.

The Church tried to eliminate Mary Magdalene from the Christian Bible. They did not wish people to know of her true influence or the power of her healing work with her husband, Jesus Christ, the Holy Women, or others at that time, 2000 years ago. Many still think she is of the Dark Side which is Not True at all.

I recommend to each person interested in the Divine Mother to read Magdalene’s Black Rose the Love Story of Jesus and His Beloved by Mary McChrist. It shakes the foundation of Christianity and is perfect for this time of the Divine Feminine. Go to Amazon to investigate this.

Visit: NewWorldTeachings, and and TheBlackRose.-com.Mother Mary created a very special class of her teachings called “13ClassedwithMother-Mary” and beginning now “8-22-2020 “13 Classes with Jesus Christ.” People are encouraged to join these ongoing classes. Go to New World Teachings to check this out.

Love and blessings to you all,

I am one of the unknown Divine Mothers Mary Clarice McChrist Heart Stream 8-28-2020 Phone: 530-568-1106, wwww.New World, www.MaryClariceMcChrist.vom





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Created 12/07/2020